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Makeup Application

In Studio: For your social, prom, night on the town.

  • Special Event Makeup: $65
  • Special Event Makeup with strip lashes: $75

Makeup Lessons

Our makeup lesson is designed for you to learn the best techniques to enhance your natural beauty and fit your lifestyle. Each lesson is customized to fit the needs of the individual. Each individual will be given the opportunity to practice the techniques taught within the lesson, which in return, will help build your confidence level. Remember, practice makes perfect.

In this lesson you will learn step-by-step instruction on how to:

  • Go from a day look to an evening look (natural to smoky).
  • Properly clean, care for, and use makeup brushes
  • Properly care for your skin including skin care tips.
  • Choose the proper foundation and concealer.
  • Properly apply eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara.
  • Properly apply bronzer, blush, and highlight.
  • Choose colors that are complimentary to your skin tone including eye shadows and lipsticks.
  • Set your makeup.

Bring your makeup and skin care products that you have on hand with you to your lesson and you will learn which products to keep or toss and how to properly use them.

  • Makeup Lesson for the Teen (Age: 13-17): $75 (1.5 hour lesson)
  • Makeup Lesson for (2) Teens (Age: 13-17): $120 (2 hour lesson)
  • Makeup Lesson for the Adult: $120 (2 hour lesson)
  • Makeup Lesson for (2) Adults: $199 (2 hour lesson)

*Please arrive to your lesson with a fresh, clean face (no makeup), if possible.*

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