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Carter Kayte is dedicated to making our guests feel rejuvenated, energized, and refreshed. At Carter Kayte, we understand the needs of each individual. Our facials are customized and uniquely tailored so that you can “Be your best self.”

Customized Facials

Signature Facial

$85 (45 minutes) -Relaxing and Relaxing-Organic

$110 (45 Minutes) – Clinical Results-Oriented Facial 

Express Facial

expressFacialThis refresher treatment fits into any busy schedule and is ideal for those in need of hydration & rejuvenation in minimum time.
$50 (30 minutes) Express Exfoliation

Back Treatment


A facial for your back! The back is often neglected due to the fact that it is hard to reach and cleanse. The back facial cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates the back, helping to reduce acne and aids in reducing dead skin cells. Extractions offered if needed.
$90 (60 minutes)

Lip Renewal Treatment


Give your lips a boost of energy with the lip renewal treatment. This treatment protects your lips from seasonal elements that can lead to dry, chapped lips. Replenish your lips by gently exfoliating and applying a highly active lip treatment to smooth fine lines and nourish the lips.

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