Designed for even sensitive teeth, we offer a 45 minute initial teeth whitening session (includes kit to last you a few touch up sessions) We also offer 45 minute touch-up sessions as needed, which allows for optimal results.

We use a professional grade whitening gel which is 16% hydrogen peroxide along with our cool blue LED light which actives the gel to start the whitening process.

Our whitening gel is a brush on application making it pain free and enamel safe. The combination of whitening gel and cool blue LED light even works well for those with sensitive teeth.

Disclaimer: Although knowledgeable, we are not a dental practice nor do we have a dentist on staff; therefore, it is not in our scope of practice to make recommendations concerning your oral health.


Whitening Sessions

Initial Session (45 mins):       $169

Touch Up Session (45 mins): $129

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